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TimeWise Foundations

New Foundations

Save the Nation with Foundation Tracking Sheet

Pink Link with Suzanne Brothers (AUDIO)

Foundation Product Peek (AUDIO)

Foundation Primer Application Tips (AUDIO)

Foundation Brush Application Tips (AUDIO)

Save the Nation with Foundation (AUDIO)

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Mary Kay Foundation Primer Fact Sheet

Foundation Primer
Foundation Survey
Foundation Party Placemat
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Managing Your Inventory

Save the Nation with Foundation Flier

TimeWise Recover & Restore

Serum C Results After 1 Month

Serum+C Before and After

TimeWise Replenishing Serum + C


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Spring Color 101

Eye Products - Marsha Morisette

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Kiss Analysis

Lipstick Personalities

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Ultimate Eyes Set

Mary Kay Cheeks and Lips Color Awareness

Mary Kay Eye Color Awareness

Foundations Total Conversion Chart
Eye Color Application Guide

Concealer Shade Recommendation Chart
Flawless Finish Conversion Chart
Makeup Application Tip
Perfectly Concealed

Lipstick/Lip Liner/Lip Gloss Chart

Eye-Cheek Conversion Chart



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Mary Kay Products are Better than Ever
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Plastic Surgeon Intro Letter
Plastic Surgeon's View
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Ingredients and Safety
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Understanding Customer Needs and Special Conditions
Skin Care and Satin Hands
Product Presentation

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