Newest Documents -NEW (November 2013)

Beauty Escapes Party Tray

Essentials to Order and add to your Starter Kit

Fabulous Referral Sheet

Flip Chart Pictures

Flip Chart Script

How to Assemble Your Flip Chart

How to Pack Roll Up Bag

Outside Order Form

Shopping Sheet, Botanicals

Shopping Sheet, Mir Set & Repair


Shopping Sheet

Close Sheet with TimeWise Repair

Close Sheet 2 with TimeWise Repair

Eyes Class 2

Foundations Class 3

Lips and Cheeks Class 4

TimeWise Repair Placemat

TimeWise Repair Workshop

TimeWise Repair Regimen Fact Sheet

TimeWise Repair Comp Chart

TimeWise Repair

TX Travel Rollup

Guest Registration

Top 10 Summer Sets Closing Sheet

Valentine's Roll Up Bag Closing Sheet

Lip Placemat

Flash Cards for Table Close - Pat Rodriguez

Lash Bash Closing Sheet

Summer 2011 Test Panel PDF | WORD

Spring 2011 Test Panel

Ultimate Eyes Set

Foundation Packages

Gift with Purchase
Beauty Placemat
MK Facial Tray Set Up
Pink Doing Green

3 Goals and 3 Closes

Tray Setup (Basic Class)
Tray Setup (Glamour Class)
Checklist for Skin Care Class
Build your Own Travel Bag
Closing Questionnaire
Color Cosmetic Display
Class Coaching Sheet
Color Collections Placemat
Outside Order Form
Want to Have $500 Classes Every Time?
Four Point Recruiting Plan
How to Work Off Referrals
$100 Free PWP
New Surveys (4 to a page)
Party Prize Points Game
Guidelines For Skin Care Makeovers
Closing the Sale by Auri Hathaway

Lash and Brow Party

Love your Lash and Brow Party, June 2012

Script for Pre Selling Lash and Brow, June 2012

Lash Bundle Flyer, June 2012

Lash Primer Facts Sheets, June 2012

Losh Love Waterproof Fact Sheet, June 2012

Lash and Brow Building Serum, June 2012

June Hostess Credit Ideas


10 Party Blitz

Watch the Video

Hostess Extravagazna

Party Themes

Fast Fun Facts for Marketing at Parties or Classes

10 Party Week Video Outline


Perfect 10 Class:
Perfect 10 Class
Perfect 10 Script
Perfect 10 Closing Sheet
Perfect 10 Set Closing Sheet
Perfect 10 Reasons
8 Point Close
Create a Roll Up
Fragrance Party Guide
Outside Orders
Customer Thank You
Tic Tac Toe


Fountain of Youth:

Order of Application 2011

Fountain of Youth Story
Set Sheet Foundation of Youth 2010

Placemat Product Application Foundation of Youth 2010

Lip Stick Party:

Lipstick Wardrobe Party
Lipstick Wardrobe Class Cards
Lipstick Wardrobe Menu
Lipstick Wardrobe Survey
Lip Tac Toe


PJ Party:


Invitations 1 | 2

Bedtime Story

Beauty Menu



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